A family owned restaurant with a Vietnamese home cooking taste. 

The environment is built around family with mom, dad, aunts, brothers, sisters, nieces and nephews running the show.  You can sense the culture and feeling when you step in the establishment. 

Regulars call the cook mom when coming to pay a visit.  The food is made ready to order with everyone’s specific liking.

As kids growing up friends and other family members would always comment on our moms cooking and say, “Why doesn’t she open up one of her own?”  Our family has always been entrepanurers from dad owning a landscaping company to mom running a seamstress business. 

So with leap of faith, hard work and determination we took a chance to open our dream business in July 2009.  We could have not done it without the support from our friends and family.

Thank You,
Bamboo Bowl Family
(Thinh, Sinh, Dung, Minh, Huong, Mia, and Jalen The Bamboo Bowl Family)